About the Show

Some words from Richard

Various Areas in the Museum

Here at the WHITE HORSE MILITARY SHOW, we hope to give you a different experience a Military Re enactment show. We would like you to become immersed in a different period of our history – for a day at least.

Let’s say a detox from modern life?

You will be able to walk through time to different areas. Smell the cooking and open fires from the American Civil War groups through to the Wyoming’s authentic Western Society. Travel along the front line groups of WW2 of British and American forces to the German Area with Die Seawolf our very own copy of a German U boat conning tower.

Perhaps travel along the home front visiting families telling their stories of Wartime at home. Maybe you wish to go to the Movies at our Rialto Cinema where you can sit and eat popcorn purchased from the Foyer and watch period films and news reels shown on genuine reel to reel projectors.

Perhaps you’re not the one driving home so why not visit the Garison Arms and enjoy the feel of a Vintage pub and listen to all the music acts in the next door marquee. Don’t forget to pop in to see the ladies at the Womens Land Army. See the great work they are doing to keep the nation fed. There is also a 1 to 1 copy of the top of Bath Abbey here. 

Much more for you to discover in this wonderful world after WW2 with ‘The Cold War Era’ camps and ‘Vietnam’ and finally finishing our journey with Gulf War 1



We aim to change the way people see and visit Military history shows. We want to take you on a journey and show you the life of people during both peacetime and conflict. Learn without learning.
We wish to present history in a way that families can easily engage with and learn through a safe and fun experience of an immersive museum.


Visitors to our show will interact with history and gather an understanding (conciously or not) of different aspects of military history including the life of civilians at times of military significance.
We will continue to develop the show building life size dioramas that represent different countries and time zones all occupied by our highly valued re-enactment community who will bring them to life


We are one show but built on the effort of many individuals, a respect for the individual and the history is of prime importance This respect extends to the past and present members of the armed forces and the issues they may have with the experiences they have endured. We want to poromote a career in the armed forces and the oppertunities it can provide for young adults.

You and the people around will be amazed at what you will absorb
by just walking amongst the live theatre of the show, with the smoke from the fire and smells of cooking,
to the sound of music and the drama of air raids. 

A great thank you to the people who have worked, sacrificed and suffered to keep others safe.
We want to bring this experience to you.

Life is not a rehearsal.

All my best wishes

Richard Dalton
Production Director
White Horse Military Show